Working the Fremont Theater

The Fremont Theater is known for the events it hosts, but when people attend the shows they only see the intended perfection put on by the venue’s employees. They don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.

House manager Jennings Jacobsen describes what typical event night is for him and his staff.

“Usually our day starts eight to ten hours before the show even starts, so at the point where we’re ready for the show, it’s just preparing the staff for what’s coming,” Jacobsen said. “This Saturday we are showing Patagonia Films and there’s four different films and a q and a. The usual on something like that is organizing all the people involved, all the technical stuff, [and] the schedule, it’s very to the point.”

Despite wanting everything to run smoothly, Jacobsen says the patrons are what is most important when organizing an event.

“We try our hardest to make an inviting, beautiful place to see a show and some people are in it for the music, some people are in it for the scene, some people are in it for the alcohol, for the drug, you get all different kinds coming to shows. It doesn’t matter the demographic, it’s just keeping the patrons happy,” Jacobsen said.

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